Thursday, November 12, 2015

WHEN THE AUSSIES ARE SINGING CHILE IS COUGHING! ....CHILE earthquakes Resonate with Australia?

The recent 6.9R earthquake in Chile should have scientists thinking about the location and origin of Earthquakes. We have published in a conference the Fibonacci relationship between the location of earthquakes, and we offer you here another example. If you plot on the map recent earthquakes >7R for a band along Australia to Chile, it is possible to see they lie on Fibonacci lines as I have drawn them. The recent Chile earthquake is certainly an example. We can observe clearly the Pacific Plate Ridge (north east of NZ on yellow dot) and the extend of the ridge and plate can be seen in the next image where I have all the plates of the world.

Australia, part of the Indo-Australia Plate, and being  a solid mass acts as a reflector of a resonating box, (in yellow)  formed with the plate edge, (Pacific Ridge arrow) The Fibonacci standing waves between travelling and reflected waves certainly fall on the coast of Chile where the Nazca Plate ridge is. Food for thought and ...................Fibonacci Magic!!

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