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Earthquake Prediction Bulletin TODAY!  Issue Number 2.

Date: 8th November 2015
Period covered 8th-11th November.

This is our second brief bulleting for 8th-11th November. 
The active planetary alignments are still Earth-Venus-Mars and Jupiter-Sun-Neptune. Mars in a couple of days will land on the South Node, indicating an increase of the earthquake activity when it happens.
Looking at the prediction posts which we have published in here under "Predictions", we see the following things shaping up. Let us look at them one at a time. 

1) Bosphorus region: The peak was on the 6th, it is passed and now there is a very small probability, our charts show a less and less chance for events there until the 10th November.

2) California Region: We see there an increasing likelihood again peaking on 10th November, for something small perhaps, but this is minor if it happens.


3) British Columbia: We have it here as peaking on the 9th so in theory we are entering today the window of +-1 day. So again I expect something small to happen here the window closes on the 10th.


4) China: Here we feel very small chance here today but tomorrow opens the key window until the peak on the 10th and the window closes on the 11th.


5) Greece: Again our chart results show decreasing chances. It seems until the 11th where we could see a small one of 4.0R if we are lucky. The window is open on the 10th and closes 13th, due to the double peak as shown below. But overall small events and could be in the high 3s. (3.5-4.0). We will see.


6) Globally:
Here our algorithm shows an increase on the 8th although due to overlapping windows this period we will fair activity continue with 10th November as a stronger date for events. The window closes on the 11th.
7) Japan:
Also in Japan we enter an increasing activity peaking tomorrow. So 8th-10th is the interesting window.

8) New Zealand:
The chart shows if something small should be surfacing from the 10th - 12th November.  
Be Healthy Be Safe Be Good!....   ACB 

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