Wednesday, October 28, 2015

4.2-magnitude earthquake shakes Swat again

SWAT (Web Desk/ AFP) – Tremors were felt today (Wednesday) in the Swat region again in the aftermath of the deadly earthquake that killed more than 250 people in Pakistan.

According to Pakistan Meteorological Department, the epicenter of the seismic activity was Hindu Kush Region Afghanistan, and had a depth of 10 kilometers.

The magnitude of the quake has been estimated at 4.2 on the richter scale.

Relief agencies are battling to reach cold and hungry survivors of a devastating earthquake that has killed more than 250 and injured over 1,600, with authorities fearing the death toll could climb with time.

Desperate victims appealed for aid after Monday s 8.1 magnitude quake ripped through the region, destroying thousands of homes, triggering landslides and stampedes, and knocking out communication lines.

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on Tuesday has pledged compensation for those whose homes have been destroyed during a trip to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, which has seen the bulk of the casualties so far.

The military has been leading Pakistan s rescue efforts, sending in medical teams, tents and rations to affected areas and evacuating some people by helicopter.

But in more remote areas residents have had to fend for themselves, with children and the elderly helping to dig through piles of rubble for survivors and locals appealing for blankets, warm clothes and food to survive.
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