Thursday, February 25, 2021

Testing of FDL Method 25th February 2021


The date 24-February 2021 we posted an a series earthquakes predicted for use of FDL Methodical. This earthquakes were predicted from our Calendar from countries we regularly calculate every month. The calendar are posted of the 1st February and there for it is expected to date, 24th Feb -25thFeb. The calendars show you a sample countries as shown in the 7 earthquakes, before predicted as shown in the table shown above. In to date, the few countries are now for us, we have now calendar for them and only have to use only those.

Therefore, we tested 7 earthquakes in a day, (24-25 th Feb), hits of 6/7 hits from available Calendar to day.

In my knowledge I have not know better way accurate in one date.

Finally we have not give at the same time the coordinates probability of those predicted earthquake yet, as it work to work out.





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