Thursday, February 4, 2021

5.5R in Taiwan Region


 5.5R Earthquake has been reported this today early in Taiwan. We give another example of our research we carried out with our Univ. First we have using that the FDL Method for Twain for the calendar for February has been published early for calendar below.The calendars  predict when an earthquake is predicted Time in the month February. See the calendar as seen the following below.(Possible today / today +- day)

Follow to calculate the coordinate of the possibly earthquake predicted .For this Taiwan we have 


Prediction [21.58N, 121.99E]

Epicenter occurring [22.00N, 122.92E]

 Accuracy 0.5N,  0.93E Good for the purpose




Magnitudemb 5.5
Date time2021-02-04 08:14:03.9 UTC
Location21.58 N ; 121.89 E
Depth10 km
Distances152 km SE of Taitung City, Taiwan / pop: 109,000 / local time: 16:14:03.9 2021-02-04
127 km E of Hengchun, Taiwan / pop: 31,200 / local time: 16:14:03.9 2021-02-04


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