Saturday, January 16, 2021

3.7R of California


A 3.7R earthquake was reported this day. The map shows above botton 46 km NE of Mammoth Lakes. 

The FDL shows tomorrow 17th. So care in case tomorrow surface just in case.

The epicenter today it is [37.69N, 118.56W]

                     Prediction : [37,9N, 117.97W]

January California: calendar peaks on 17th Jan



Magnitudeml 3.7
Date time2021-01-16 07:16:02.2 UTC
Location37.91 N ; 118.56 W
Depth11 km
Distances157 km NNE of Clovis, United States / pop: 104,000 / local time: 23:16:02.2 2021-01-15
46 km NE of Mammoth Lakes, United States / pop: 7,900 / local time: 23:16:02.2 2021-01-15


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