Wednesday, January 8, 2020

5.2R in Potosi, BOLIVIA

A 5.2R earthquake has been reported in Potosi, Bolivia. The epicenter is shown in the maps above. The coordinates are: [20.37S, 68.65W]. As
The earthquake is very close to the Chile border, and the Chile calendar for January which we have given for days now, we can see below and it seems this does apply to the Bolivia border. See the Chilean calendar, in which the peak is significant for today.
Finally,  therefore, today, we have produced the stresses for the day of Bolivia, which we we see it below. The specific dot is very close to the one of the epicenter. [21S, 68W], to less than a degree from the epicenter. Be Safe Be Good!

MagnitudeMw 5.2
Date time2020-01-08 08:47:43.8 UTC
Location20.37 S ; 68.65 W
Depth100 km
Distances385 km SW of Sucre, Bolivia, Plurinational State of / pop: 225,000 / local time: 04:47:43.8 2020-01-08
157 km E of Iquique, Chile / pop: 228,000 / local time: 05:47:43.8 2020-01-08

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