Wednesday, November 20, 2019

6.3R in Sea of Okhotsk

This 486 km depth 6.3R earthquake will stay around to see more of it. This morning it was recorded 6.3R in the Sea of Okhotsk. No other real news of it yet. This covers in our research in region of Kamchatka, and below we see the calendar of kamchatka showing the expected activity.
 Below we also show the stresses in this region based on our recent work. The nearest stress is one degree from the epicenter. Not bad.

MagnitudeMw 6.3
Date time2019-11-20 08:26:06.9 UTC
Location53.15 N ; 153.68 E
Depth486 km
Distances1445 km NE of Sapporo-shi, Japan / pop: 1,884,000 / local time: 17:26:06.9 2019-11-20
333 km W of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy, Russian Federation / pop: 188,000 / local time: 20:26:06.9 2019-11-20
267 km NW of Ozernovskiy, Russian Federation / pop: 2,700 / local time: 20:26:06.9 2019-11-20

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