Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Morning Review

G'Day to you all!
There has been some time since I did one of those, a morning review. Often useful to see what is going on today. First, this new day 18th Sept. 2019, started as yesterday quiet, with small event, and a couple of 5.1R events, one in Kuril islands early, and then an hour later another 5.1R in Halmahera.
So on the face of it it starts quiet. Let us anyway see what is affecting the day, and for that we have to look not inside but outside our planet. Below is a Geocentric view of the planets.

Well, we have to see again what I said yesterdate, where the mark of the day is SATURN station. As shown on the above, it is not just station it is conjunct with South Node. This combination is waiting to happen. As we said 6-7R is expected because of it. This should be activated anytime to within 2 days. This is primary. What is also we see is the Moon has passed conjunction to Uranus, now it is at 9 degrees. However within the end of the day Mppn will start bothering Saturn, so this will be the first test as to how sensitive it is or will hold on to another more substantial trigger. So here best to wait and see. It has also be told that Mercury and Venus are also 6  and 4 degrees separating so they have been as our theories gave us double events. May well on the tail off may still reminds us but this is less likely.  Finally notes about Jupiter first and then Mars. Jupiter is in square to Black Moon at 16 degrees so again end of today or tomorrow this may well awake to offer some quake. Finally Mars, who is in trine to Pluto, hard to see if this will trigger today or indeed to produce anything worthwhile. So to conclude, today is an awaiting day to the Saturn event mainly. We wait and see.
Be Safe Be Good!!!

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