Wednesday, June 12, 2019

16th and 19th June events

The first significant alignment approaching is on 16th June, where the above figure shows Jupiter Moon Earth and  Sun coming up to an alignment.

The second date is  on June 19th where we see a worth noting alignment in the skies. We have Mars Mercury Earth and Moon aligned as shown in the above Figure. On both dates we can have some powerful earthquakes on earth. Thos alignments are independently confirmed by examing the Global Calendar we produce. We reproduce it here below.
The calendar shows that from 17th June to 20th June we have strong possibilities for powerful events. So it agrees and independently reinforces the alignments referred above. To see which countries are prone, we need to see every calendar individually, and check on those periods which ones have strong peaks.
One of the countries which may be affected is Japan on 19th June, Mexico on 17th June, 16th to 18th Taiwan is vulnerable. 19th-20th we have Fiji and Indonesia. On 16th June we have Papua New Guinea and Iran. On 20th we have California. On 16th we see Solomon Islands as vulnerable. Other countries may be vulnerable and one has to exhaustively study all the calendars.
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