Sunday, March 17, 2019

Planets activate on 20th March 2019

The above two charts are showing the planetary alignments (some) in the solar system. The first chart is a heliocentric view, which shows Sun-Mercury-Earth-Moon come into line and a weaker Pluto-Saturn-Earth alignement is also there.Certainly, on March 20th which is also EQUINOX, we should see some strong earthquake activity according to our theories.The chart just above we see a Geocentric view where Mercury - Earth- Moon alignemnt is clear, and also at the same time Mercury is semisextile to Saturn, and square to Jupiter. This Mercury perturbation will certainly catch us within the ripples. Conditions for doubles are also still present at this time so I hope that for the places this applies, they may have two instead of one but of smaller strength. Be Safe be Good.

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