Sunday, February 10, 2019

12-14th February 2019

We are examining the next period of stresses across the globe, and we focus on the period 12-14th February. This covers St Valentine's Day! This is a 3 day period where Uranus and Mars are conjunct! On the chart above we have a geocentric view of the planets for 13th February and we see in red those two planets opposite Pallas. We note that The Moon is Sextile to Chiron and semisextile to the Mars-Uranus conjunction. This set upwill certinly cause some stresses according to my understanding. Another aspect also possible to cause stresses is the conjunction of Mercury with Westa square to Ceres, also shown above encircled in blue. So in summary Mars Uranus and mercury Westaare those to watch out for! Looks like Valentines Day is going to be stressful in ome place. Be Safe

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