Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Today's Review

It is worth contemplating and having a look at today's events worldwide so far. We can see from the list above that today we only had 3 events of about 5R across the globe. This is quiet it seems considering yesterday's activity. We have had  5R earthquakes  in Indonesia,  Chile and Papua Nnew Guinea.
Let us see if any of those were expected.
1) Indonesia: We can see that we have a strong peak on7th. So +-1 day we are within the danger time zone so we can say we have predicted it.

 2)  Papua New Guinea. Here we have had a 5R, and although the peak is small by comparison, we do not consider it as a hit even when we could say that 5R for PNG is small anyway.

3) Chile: Well here we clearly have a relative peak and we could say a hit.
Overall, so far from 3 major by today events the 2 of them we have predicted.
Be Safe be Good!

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