Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Nepal: FDL for the next 2 days

In the process of improving our presentation of results, we present a couple of maps which show the regions of vulnerability for Nepal. We would like to stress that this is not necessarily a prediction. Our software shows a increase of likeliwoodfor 29th november, but since our technique for now has a +- a day window, we present tomorrow's and the day afters charts, below:
1) Coordinates for 28th November, see the spot on the map. [27N, 87E]
 2) 1) Coordinates for 29th November, see the spot on the map.Here we have two locations a)  [28N, 82E] and the other [30N, 82E]

 What we can do here, is that for every country literally every day we can show the vulnerable regions. Surely there is no earthquake every day, but you know the stress points, and also the way they move. So this is exciting and can be done days or for months ahead. Although we do not have the nampower to do such thing every day, we may periodically show those stress points which are likely (some of them to convert to earthquake)

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You can read about our methodology here.


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