Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Indonesia: After earthquake which killed more than 800, region again hit by two earthquakes

US Geological Survey reported that earthquakes measuring up to 6.0 magnitude have hit off the coast of an Indonesian island.NEW DELHI: In Indonesia, earthquakes measuring of upto 6.0 magnitude hit off the coast of an Indonesian island. It is said that the tremors were recorded near Sumba island - hundreds of miles south of Sulawesi.

There are no immediate reports of serious damage.

The region of Sulawesi is dealing with the aftermath of a devastating quake and tsunami. The search continues is underway for thousands of people who are believed to be trapped under rubble after an earthquake hit the island of Sulawesi on Friday.

To help in the affected regions, the Indian Navy will provide Humanitarian Aid & Disaster Relief (HADR) bricks (material) which are being carried by ships. It is informed that the ships are carrying 30,000 L of bottled drinking water, 1500L of packeted juices, 500 L Milk, 700 kg of Biscuits and 20 tents.

"A total of 34 bodies were found by the team," Indonesia Red Cross spokeswoman Aulia Arriani told AFP Tuesday, adding that 86 students had initially been reported missing from a Bible camp at the Jonooge Church Training Centre in Sigi Biromaru district.

A major tsunami smashed into the seaside city of Palu, sweeping away buildings, trees, cars.  Indonesian volunteers dug mass graves for more than 1,000 bodies.

Pictures from the region showed major damage to buildings, with rubble strewn about the road and large cracks running through the pavement.

It is to be noted that Indonesia is one of the most disaster-prone nations on earth.
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