Saturday, October 27, 2018

5.1R in Honshu Japan <--Spot on coordinates

A strong 5.1R earthquake was reported this morning near the coast of  Honshu Japan. We expected this tomorrow,  at the coordinates [ 36N, 141E]. It came today at coordinates [36.8N, 141.4E]. Not bad!

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Magnitudemb 5.1
Date time2018-10-27 00:08:02.7 UTC
Location36.85 N ; 141.44 E
Depth20 km
Distances165 km S of Sendai-shi, Japan / pop: 1,038,000 / local time: 09:08:02.7 2018-10-27
105 km NE of Mito-shi, Japan / pop: 247,000 / local time: 09:08:02.7 2018-10-27
54 km SE of Iwaki, Japan / pop: 358,000 / local time: 09:08:02.7 2018-10-27

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