Tuesday, September 4, 2018

The Planets tomorrow 5th September 2018

If there is a one thing which can bring a big earthquke out of the hat, this is SATURN Station. Tomorrow we have Saturn station direct. Major Day of the year and I expect within maximum 5 days to give a 6.5R at least. Saturn is at the same time Trine to Uranus, and this aspect between the two exoplanets when triggered, and this is at latest within 5 days will probably resonate as well. Tomorrow we will see Moon conjunct the NNode, the SNode semisquare Neptune, and Mercury quincunx Chiron. It should definatelybe more active tomorrow than today. Heliocentrically  we have the following view, Saturn square Chiron, Saturn trine Uranus, and Neptune 45 degrees to Uranus.

  Be Safe be Good. 
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