Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Earthquake magnitude 5.6 rocks Bangladesh

Mild tremors shook Dhaka and other parts of the country this morning, in what is believed to be the first earthquake felt across the capital since November last year.
The quake shook the city around 10:50am and lasted for about 30 seconds. Bangladesh Meteorological Department said the quake originated from Assam, India.
“The origin point is 293km north of Dhaka. The quake has been measured at 5.3 in Richter scale,” Md Mominur Rahman, an official of the Met office’s Seismic Observatory and Research Centre, told The Daily Star.
US Geological Survey traced the epicenter of the quake to 9km off from Saptagram, Assam, India – adjoining Bangladesh. They measured the earthquake at 5.6 magnitude.
According to the scale of seismologists, an earthquake ranging from 5 to 5.9 is considered a moderate earthquake which can cause slight damage to buildings.
Meanwhile, there has been no casualty reported in Bangladesh.

See our post on prediction for the area here.  Our calculations came up with location Bangladesh [26N, 93E]. Close to the epicenter, [26.39 N, 90.17 E]
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