Monday, August 27, 2018

Which Countries Tomorrow? (28th August 2018)

Tomorrow is a day where MARS is station, Mercury conjunct the Node, Mercury square Jupiter, the Sun semisextile the Node and Mercury seshquisquare Saturn. Serious aspects for maybe a >6R event.
We are lucky that Mars and the Node differ by a degree otherwise we would be in for >7R. Using our research and published prediction calendars, we see that the following countries, are candidates and maybe vulnerable to receiving earthquakes tomorrow 28th August. The list is not conclusive of course as we sample a few countries.

  • Tonga   [19S, 175W], [25S, 175W]
  • Alaska   [62N,147W]
  • Boshporus   [42N, 27E]
  • Bulgaria  [42N, 26E]
  • Chile    [26S, 71W],[ 27S, 71W]
  • Peru  [16S, 72W]
  • Kazakhstan   [47N,73E]
  • Kyrgystan   [42N, 73E]
  • Georgia   [42N,42E]
  • Japan   [36.5N,139E]
  • Nepal   same coordinates as yesterday's.
  • Pakistan  [25N,  63E],[31N, 73E],  [32N, 73E]
  • Papua New Guinea  [7S, 152E]
  • Philippines   [16N, 121E, 122E]
  • Solomon Islands  [16S, 163E]
  • Tonga  [22S, 174E]
  • Turkey  [42N, 31E, 32E]
  • Vanuatu  [16S,  163E]

You can read about our methodology here.


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