Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Planets Tomorrow, 23rd August 2018

Tomorrow 23rd August 2018 brings along the following planeray dynamics when viewed Geocentric.
1) Uranus is still square Black Moon
2) Chiron is sextile Black Moon
3) Moon conjuncts Mars
4) Neptune trines to Jupiter,
5) Chiron sesquiquadrate to Jupiter
6) Jupiter semisextile to Venus
7) Venus semisquare to SUN entering Virgo in strength.
The Helliocentric view is

1) The Earth is receeding the sextile to Uranus
2) Neptune is semisquare to Uranus
3) Mars is semisextile to Pluto and Venus
4) Venus and Pluto are aligned
5) Chiron and Black Moon are both semisextile to Uranus

Overall less active than 22nd August.

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