Saturday, August 4, 2018

Planetary Aspects for 5th August 2018

The great impalanceof the Solar System discussed briefly in a previous post today, can also be seen here where the Heliocentric chart shows all planets are on one semicircle with the Sun in the middle. However tomorrow we also have a conjunction between Chiron and Black Moon and the Earth nearly at 30 degrees with Neptune. Looking at it from the Earths point of view, see chart below, Mercury Retro squares the Moon, watch out for heated arguments, as Mars Retro also squares Uranus. Highly argumentative times and heated. It is methodical as Saturn trines Uranus, so it can be nasty. Black Moon semisquare to Neptune also brings rough seas around. So one needs to take care interpersonally and weatherwise. Earthquakes may come especially from Saturn-Uranus aspect.  Be Safe Be Good

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