Saturday, July 7, 2018

WATCH: Cats in Japanese cafe scramble for cover during earthquake

Cats at a Japanese cafe were given a good shakedown during the June 18th Osaka earthquake.

Cats running about and jumping to find cover were filmed at the CAT Cafe CATchy in Wakayama prefecture, one of Osaka’s neighbors. Footage from the cafe’s security camera was uploaded on the shop’s YouTube channel and started just a little before tremors began shaking up the place.
A few seconds after the clip starts, some noise caught the cats’ attention. Some of them jumped from their comThe cats then scrambled for safety. Those on the floor found corners and squeezed themselves against it. Others leaped up to the highest place they could find. A few cats in the middle of the room stayed in their perches while being prepared to jump down if needed and then the shaking stopped.
The scenes could be seen as a good example of animal instincts kicking in to warn them of danger. After hearing the noise in the first few seconds of the clip,  cats were already on high alert and ready to run from danger.
Meanwhile, these same cats, despite their fairly comfortable accommodations, are currently looking for new homes. CAT Cafe CATchy is one of a growing number of cat cafes in Japan that offer the animals they rescue and take care of for adoption, reports SoraNews24.
Customers who fancy a particular feline need only talk with the staff and have the proper paperwork sorted out.

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