Monday, July 9, 2018

Today in Earthquake History (9th July )

9th July 

M6.2 - Azores Islands, Portugal, 1998

Ten people killed, about 100 injured and 1,000 left homeless on Faial. Some damage on Pico and Terceira. Felt on Corvo and San Jorge.

M7.0 - Sucre, Venezuela, 1997

At least 81 people killed, 522 injured, extensive damage and landslides in the Cariaco-Cumana area. At least 3,000 people were left homeless. Several people injured in the Barcelona-Puerto La Cruz area. Some damage on Isla de Margarita. Power, telephone and water services disrupted on Isla Coche and Isla de Margarita. Felt in much of northeastern Venezuela and as far west as Maracaibo. Felt (V) on Trinidad. Also felt on Tobago. 

M4.6 - South Dakota-Minnesota Border, 1975


M7.5 - Valparaiso, Chile, 1971

84 people were killed, 447 injured, and 40,000 made homeless by this earthquake. The earthquake was centered 75 miles northwest of Santiago. Thousands were without electricity, drinking water, or telephones and some communities were isolated by landslides. The port city of Valparaiso was among the hardest hit. In Santiago frightened crowds rushed into the streets. Walls were cracked and water mains ruptured sending water spurting into the streets. The shock was felt as far away as Buenos Aires, Argentina, 650 miles to the east. A 1.2-meter tsunami was observed at Valaparaiso.
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