Sunday, October 22, 2017

Morning Review

Good Day to you all!
Let us see this morning's reported earthquake activity throughout the world.
At the turn of the day a 3.8R in Aegean Sea is small enough not to have been felt. A good size 5.2R in Southern Peru however is reminding us this part of the world is very active with strong events. A 4.3R in Northern Sumatra, off the coast is small by comparison of the potential size earthquakes possible there. Finally for the list we have so fat a small 3.2R in Western Texas is small in a region famous from the oil wells.
 Next we examine the planetary location in the skies above. Heliocentrically, we see today the dominating aspects are the conjunction of Mars with Venus in opposition to Neptune. At the same time there is a trine between Earth and Saturn and since Uranus is close by within 3 degrees aligned to earth. Uranus has an influence. Mercury is trine to Chiron and also quincunx to Uranus/Earth. Finally Mars/Venus have also a sesquiquadrate aspect to Earth. Moon is also at Perihelion.

Be Safe Be Good!

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