Tuesday, September 5, 2017

3.8R in Vancouver Island.

This small 3.8R was expected yesterday 4th Sept. as can be seen from the data sent to you. Our prediction was to be at (48.5, -123.4)  not bad at all. It is always said, that the prediction list should be kept for 2 days as it is possible to appear the following day. Sometimes early too. So +-1 day is often seen possible.

MagnitudeML 3.8
Date time2017-09-05 16:08:37.8 UTC
Location49.06 N ; 125.52 W
Depth5 km
Distances176 km W of Vancouver, Canada / pop: 1,838,000 / local time: 09:08:37.8 2017-09-05
14 km N of Ucluelet, Canada / pop: 1,600 / local time: 09:08:37.8 2017-09-05
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