Thursday, September 21, 2017

22nd September planetary aspects

Tomorrow's aspects in the sky are getting harsher as we can see from the chart above.
Prominent here we have Jupiter Square Mercury , with Mercury Trining  Earth. So Jupiter's perturbation on Mercury is being transfered to Earth. Jupiter and the Earth are quincunx and therefore Jupiter is sending both ways direct and via Mercury hard time on the Earth. Add to that Mars. Well Mars is quincunx to Earth too, so we cant say this is useful or calming influence. Add finally the fact that we are just leaving the nasty square to Saturn, and I expect therefore to see some hard action upon us by the planets involved.

We have seen the earth being hard treated by ouside influences, for us the humans on earth geocentrically we also see some important aspects, including this one, of Jupiter opposite Uranus! However nice Jupiter can be, this time is not nice! Opposite Uranus for us is simply trouble. Trouble which is triggered by our faithful Moon! Yes even the Moon faithful as it is, always near us, this time is triggering Jupiter, to unlease on us. I know I know it reminds us in our lives the other half, faithful as they are, who instead of difusing situations they aggrevate them. Here the Moon does trigger this and possibly a 6-7R is possible.

Be Safe Be Good!

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