Friday, August 25, 2017

The Morning's Activity (25th August 2017)

A Very Good Morning to you all!
This is 25th August 2017, a day where the highlight is SATURN  Station!  Saturn is station conjunct with the Black Moon.When a planet is station thne we get within a few days very strong earthquakes. I am shocked that scientists do not understand this. The reason is resonance and who cares about the actual physical phenomenon (gravity or other). It is the trombone effect! When a planet is station to the eye from earth, (the planet moves of course but we dont see it as it is nearly moving away or towards us so we see not much sideways movement) then the resonance is EASILY possible and magnification of the phenomena of gravity or other would be possible. The musical instrument Trombone does this.
So we expect a strong event soon possibly tomorrow. This agres also with our global calendar which shows the days of powerful global events. (If you are registered you should have got this from beginning of each month).   So,.....Saturn is well known for producing some great earthquakes, so we expect something like a 6.5  R only because the earthquakes across the globe are subdued at the moment. So we would have expected 7-8R otherwise.
This morning's review is the easiest and happy one, as we have had not a single 5R earthquake yet. The strongest are a couple of 4.4R in Fiji and mid Atlantic. So great start for us all, let us hope it stays low, Be Happy Be Safe!

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