Monday, August 21, 2017

The Day so Far, 21st August 2017, SOLAR ECLIPSE DAY

As we all aaiting for the unique phenomenon of the Day, today, The Tatal Solar Eclipse, here is a rundown summary of the eathquake events today.
The sky today apart from the obvious Sun-Moon-Node conjunction, we have the Sun-Uranus trine,
Jupiter sextile Saturn and Black Moon. Nothing particularly siniter here it seems to me.  of course each one of us is unique so it is not generizable.
As for the earthquakes, we have had the same patern as the previous days. very quiet. only one 5.0R earthquake so far in Mexico! So, the eclipse ot towards this event has not yet been particularly noticable. The countries I was worrying about were Mexico, Fiji, Peru, Philippines although the full list was posted in your email to those who requested it via the free registration.
Particularly pleased I am with the prediction of Nepal's earthquake, expected yesterday, came today, but with pretty good predicted coordinates. Many good friends in Nepal and we try to keep an eye there. We try to accommodate your requests and I wish you all a romantic pleasant evening if possible with this eclipse to be a happy one rather than some worrysome event.
Be Happy Be Safe Be Good!

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