Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Sun conjunct Node Tomorrow

The Sun will be conjunct the Node tomorrow and we can see the regions where this will be prominent in the morning or mid-day. Interesting it will be if this will culminate into some activity.
We also have Venus square Jupiter tomorrow, and the corresponding lines can be seen in the chart above, where Indonesia N Zealand British Columbia Bolivia/Chile Algiers are within, although Algiers for example has already fired up.
Neptune is semisquare and will be for a while in August still, and this slow aspect is affecting some places such as Br. Columbia Solomon Islands, Philippines, Alaska for example.
Finally, the chart below shows the Mars quincunx Pluto, if this is any use, where we see British Columbia, Mexico, California N. Zealand Solomon Isl., Indonesia PNG Turkey Japan, Kygistan as possible vulnerables, albeit with caution as this aspect I consider weak.

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