Wednesday, August 16, 2017

The Morning Review

G'day to you all!
Looking up to the skies, today, 16th August 2017, seems to be a reasonably peaceful day. Mercury is in strong position, controlling the emotional verbs of the moon, has started the retro moves, and as this is just 4 days ago, worth taking extra care on transport, comms with people and general. Mercury today is also on MIN declination.
Other notables, Mars, is quincunx to Pluto, Uranus semi-sextile Chiron, being triggered by the moon on semiquare to Uranus. Looking from the point of view of the Big Boss, the Sun, (Heliocentric) we see the Earth square Venus and semi-sextile to Mercury,  where Jupiter is also square to Mercury.
What is the result of all this?
A very quiet morning with only one over 5R event in Indonesia, a 5.4R, and a series of 4R of minor importance. All earthquakes so far are, Moon, Pluto, Chiron related. The chart below helps illustrate the points made, and to also show that tomorrow the Sun is conjunct the N Node. Lets hope the day is quiet and peaceful for you all.
Be Safe Be Good!

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