Sunday, July 2, 2017

Which ONE planetary aspect is going to be with us all JULY ?

There is an aspect I could call it background aspect which will hang around with us all July.
 From 1st July to 31st July this aspect holds to within one degree. As can be seen from the chart above this is JUPITER OPPOSITE URANUS and SATURN at the same time TRINE with URANUS and sextile with JUPITER.
This aspect will be perturbed throughout JULY and we will get earthquakes from imbalances in the forces.
On 4th July, we have another aspect JOINING in this is MERCURY-SUN-NEPTUNE opposition, as shown below:
On 7th July see below, CHIRON-SATURN-MERCURY aspect square, and MERCURY -SUN-CHIRON opposition. Important date this is.

On 15th JULY we have a notable aspect, the fact that JUPITER aligns with MERCURY and we have
On 17th JULY, we have another significant alignment (see below), where EARTHis SQUARE with BOTH SATURN and URANUS.
Towards the later part of the month, we approach 27th July, where we have MARS coming in play. MARS-SUN-EARTH Opposition becomes prominent in addition.

Finally, on 29th July, VENUS comes into play.  Venus conjuncts Uranus, and both TRINE Saturn, in the backround aspect mentioned at the beginning, to imbalace it and cause earthquakes. With this the month of July will end. Be Safe Be Good!

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