Thursday, July 13, 2017

Activity this morning 13th July 2017!

A very good morning to you all! A brief review of the activity this morning of 13th July 2017 across the globe. The day starts with minor activity in the Med, with a 3.1R in the coast of W Turkey, and moved towards the east. Iran came in as predicted Kermadec Islands and then Americas get shaken. Chile, followed by Oklahoma with minors. The main event of the day has been the 6.4R in New Ireland, PNG. Very powerful and we have some aftershocks already. This to my analysis is due to Mars and the Node positions completely. In summary a vibrant morning with significant events.If we look at the Global Prediction Map, we see that we have been through a peak on the 10th with the 6.6R in Auckland Isl. and today it seems (see peak) is the closing of this period.  Be Safe Be Good!

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