Saturday, June 17, 2017

Today's activity thus far!

On the aftermath of Neptune Station, today, a day where Planetary wise and Heliocentrically, Earth is Square Chiron, Trining Uranus and Jupiter, and Geocentrically a day where Neptune has now Retrograde, and will slowly trace back its path for months until 23rd November, before it progrades. So a turning point for us viewing Neptune, andit is quincunx to Jupiter. Moon is conjunct Chiron both quincunx the Node. Saturn is Retrograde as well, and the Sun is semisquare Venus the most striking aspect. As far as earthquake activity here we have today two 5.3R events globally, one at the day onset, in Andreanof Islands and the other Near the Cost of Nicaragua.PNG not to be left out with a 4.8R and another 4.7R aftershock West Coast of Turkey. Be Safe Be Good!

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