Thursday, June 22, 2017

6.8R offshore Guatemala.!

Well this first strong aftershock of similar magnitude as the previous event on 14th June 2017 close to the previous epicenter has been reported just minutes ago. It is a similar magnitude, and this to my experience is encouraging as future events I expect them of lower magnitude. We may have been the only people in the world to have predicted the first event in Guatemala (on 14th June), as well as the date the coordinates. Let us hope any future events deminish naturally and without danger.
Be Safe Be Good!

MagnitudeMw 6.8
Date time2017-06-22 12:31:02.9 UTC
Location13.83 N ; 90.87 W
Depth40 km
Distances98 km SW of Guatemala City, Guatemala / pop: 995,000 / local time: 06:31:02.9 2017-06-22
53 km S of Escuintla, Guatemala / pop: 104,000 / local time: 06:31:02.9 2017-06-22
45 km S of La Democracia, Guatemala / pop: 5,500 / local time: 06:31:02.9 2017-06-22
12 km SW of Puerto San José, Guatemala / pop: 18,700 / local time: 06:31:02.9 2017-06-22
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