Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Planets Today!

Today is 16th May 2017, and we show below the planetary positions when viewd by the Earth or by the Sun.
In the Geostationary View first below, we see a great Trine Aspect between Uranus, (who has been a problem when was teaming up with Mercury over the last weeks), and Saturn retro. Jupiter is stressed up with Quincunx to Neptune and Sesquisquare to the S Node. Finally the Sun is quincunx Saturn. Bothe therefore Saturn and Jupiter are a little annoyed today and can cause some troubles.
At the same time, we can view Heliocentrically and below we see the positions of planets from the Sun's view.

Here we have two notable angles. The Earth is quincunx to Uranus receeding though, so this explains the recent strong earthquakes, and a trine to Chiron. At the same time Mars is square to Black Moon.

It seems today it is a day of  events in the region of 5.

Be Safe Be Good!

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