Tuesday, April 25, 2017

25th-26th April 2017

Hello to all my readers. I hope you are all safe and well. What I have here is todays geocentric view of our solar system. I have tried to extract from all this the most important aspects of today, and to see if this will give us some force for earthquakes. What we have here is our Saturn and Saturn is retrograde right now, still witin the range od being square with Venus. However this is a receeding aspect and therefore it has lost its sharpness which once had. More interesting is the Moon Saturn and the Uranus/Mercury combination for me. Mercury/Uranus Trine to Saturn has today the Moon to trigger. In about 7-8 hours (towards end of today the Moon will catch up with both and I think this will cause some unrest on earth. Moon will hit Uranus first and in no later than two hour it will tune to Mercury. So yes I expect some activity NOT strong like yesterday because the trine is not exact. Time will reveal all. Be Safe Be Good.

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