Sunday, March 26, 2017

Nepal Red Cross distributes more than NRs. 58.3 million as second tranche payments for over 385 earthquake victim home reconstructions

Nepal Red Cross distributes more than NRs. 58.3 million as second tranche payments for over 385 earthquake victim home reconstructions
The Nepal Red Cross Society (NRCS) has disbursed second tranche payments of NRs. 1,50,000 each to 389 households. These Red Cross-supported homes all passed government technical inspection for the second tranche after the government second tranche distribution guidelines were released in January 2017. Nepal Red Cross Society is also providing technical and financial support to over 6,000 more families to help them achieve reconstruction goals. In addition, NRCS has started to disburse the third tranche from Ramechhap district.
The Red Cross is providing families with full technical and NRs. 3,00,000 financial rebuilding support packages in accordance with government policies. Over 6,350 households have already collected their first tranche payments of NRs. 50,000 from NRCS, totaling over NRs. 318 million.
“I had no trouble getting the second tranche,” says Purna Bahadur Gurung from Thulogaun VDC, Rasuwa District. His home recently passed the technical inspection by government engineers and he was able to collect the second tranche from the Red Cross. He particularly appreciates the technical team of engineers and architects the Red Cross supported to be stationed in the area, which made it easy for Purna Bahadur Gurung and his neighbours to receive free technical drawings and seek advice to ensure homes met post-earthquake building standards. “I made my house according to their drawings and measurements. Whenever I was confused about something, I’d call the technical team, and they’d come the same day,” says Purna Bahadur. “I think it is good that the technical team is here. If you don’t understand something, they explain it. If you build according to technical advice, it will pass the inspection for the next tranche.”
Maina Singh Tamang from Kaule VDC, Nuwakot District participated in a Red Cross-funded mason training. He is one of over 4,200 masons trained and certified under NRCS’ earthquake recovery program. “Since I took the one-week training, there’s been a big change in the way I work,” says Maina Singh, who is working on his own home as well as leading construction on several others. “Before we used to try to work as quickly as possible and with whatever materials we could find. Now even if we’re still working with stone, I’m building in ways that make it safer to prevent collapse. If there are any issues the engineers visit and teach us what to do better.”
Nepal Red Cross Society is one of the largest non-government partners in homeowner-driven post-earthquake home reconstruction. However, safer housing is just one part of NRCS’ integrated earthquake recovery programs. NRCS has activities all 14 districts that were classified as ‘most affected’ by the April 2015 earthquake. Other activities include:
  • Helping communities restore and improve drinking water systems and promoting hygiene;
  • Improving community access to better livelihoods through trainings, small livelihoods grants, irrigation systems, and cash-for-work opportunities;
  • Reconstructing health facilities and supporting local-level health programs including immunization, open defecation free initiatives, and psychosocial support.
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