Monday, February 6, 2017


Date: 6th February 2017
Period Covered: 6th - 28th February 2017

This is our FIFTEENTH brief  bulletin covering the period of February 2017 covering a summary of all the predictions already published but they are being brought together in this bulletin.
We have the following notables during this period.


6th February 2017         Sun semisextile  Pluto
7th February                 Venus quincunx Node,
9th February                 Mercury quincunx Node, Sun sextile Uranus
10th February               Mercury sextile Venus
11th February               Lunar Eclipse, Sun semisextile Chiron, Sun trine Jupiter, Mars                                    semisextile Neptune.
12th February               Mercury semisquare Chiron
14th February               Sun sextile Saturn, Mercury semisquare Saturn, Jupiter                                    quincunx Chiron, Mercury semisextile Neptune
16th February               Mercury sextile Mars
18th February               Moon square Sun
20th February               Mercury sextile Uranus
21st February               Sun semisquare Mars, opposite Node, semisquare Pluto,                                    Mercury trine Jupiter, semisextile Chiron,
                                   Mars sesquiquadrate Node
22ND February             Mars square Pluto, Venus semisextile Neptune
23rd February               Mercury sextile Saturn, semisquare venus
25th February               Sun semisquare Uranus, sequiquadrate Jupiter
26th February               Mars conjunct Uranus, Sun conjunct Moon (new)
27th February               Mars opposite Jupiter, Mercury opposite Node, semisquare                                    Pluto


8th February                          Earth trine Mercury and Saturn.
9th February                          Earth trine Saturn, Mercury trine Uranus Venus square Uranus, trine Chiron
10th February                        Venus quincunx Mercury, Mercury sesquiquadrate Mars
11th February                        Earth trine Uranus, Mars semisextile Neptune, Venus sesquiquadrate                                                Neptune
12th February                        Earth quincunx Chiron, Mars semisextile Neptune
13th February                        Venus trine Black Moon, Earth quincunx Chiron, Mars trine Neptune
14th February                        Mars trine Neptune
16th February                        Earth sesquiquadrate Pluto, Saturn sesquiquadrate Venus,Vesta, Jupiter                                               quincunx Mars
17th February                        Earth quincunx Black Moon, semisquare Jupiter
20th  February                       Earth  sesquiquadrate Mercury, Mercury square Uranus
23rd February                        Venus quincunx Pluto Pluto trine Mars
24th February                        Venus square Mars, Mars trine Pluto
25th February                        Venus Trine Mars
26th February                        Venus trine Saturn, EARTH sesquiquadrate Uranus
27th February                        EARTH sesquiquadrate Uranus Venus trine Uranus
28th February                        Venus trine Uranus, Venus quincunx Chiron, Saturn quincunx Mars, Mars                                                square Mercury















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