Saturday, February 4, 2017


Apologies for delays.
As you know we have a lot of software which we run in order to get out the earthquake predictions. We have not one but at the moment we have to run a series of software, the output of one is necessary as input to the other. Periodically due to the nature of our research we have to change them to improve them but also more significantly to gradually automate them. We have been focusing in tidying up the software, especially the coordinate software which is more recent and far more time consuming, to automate it and cut down the time needed to produce a prediction solution. Unfortunately this took up the resources so we had to spend less time online here to keep up with real time events and keeping up with the blog. We will soon be back having reduced the time we need to get epicenter solutions and therefore to be able to give you easier the likely coordinates so we can provide more predictions in less time. Thank you for your understanding.
The EP Team.
Be Safe Be Good!
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