Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Which Countries Tomorrow? (12th January 2017)

Using our methods we can deduce that for tomorrow, 12th January 2017 we have the following countries/regions of vulnerability for strong earthquake event.

Here is some of the possible earthquakes for tomorrow according to our method.
  • Mexico (30.1N, 112.17W) (22.3N 105.3W) (20.1N, 105.2W)
  • New Zealand (40S, 176.2E or 159.2E) (34.59N,172.4E)
  • Solomon Islands  (7.27S, 157.3E or 159.2E)  (9.2S,157.3E or 159.2E)
  • Taiwan  (22.4N, 120.29E)
  • Nepal (if not 11th)  (29.59N, 82.4E)
  • Greece (perhaps)  (37.59N, 22.3E) (40N, or 39.2N 20.3E)   
  • Oklahoma is possible.
  • Italy is possible 

 You can read our methodology here.


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