Tuesday, January 10, 2017


The forthcoming Full Moon will occur on January 12th, 2017 at 11:33:54 UT (06:33:54 EST), embedded in the celestial context of a ’cardinal’ ‘Grand Cross’, namely in the aspect pattern of /Moon:CAN/ square /Uranus:ARI/ square /Sun:CAP/ square /Jupiter:LIB/.  Truly, it looks very disharmonic, indicating a sharpened and intensified conflict of astrological principles. Not only the emotional and instinctual spheres seem exercise great power (Moon in its domicile) over the slightly weakened control of the intellectual Self which is now ’drawn back’ in a ’saturnine’ way (Sun in tropical Capricorn), while the peaceful joviality desiring for inner and outer balance (Jupiter in tropical Libra) is afflicted by a violent and pervasive pulsation (Uranus in tropical Aries) – but, as we have a ’Grand Cross’, all these principles afflict each other. In such a case, the harmonic aspects of these afflicted planets play an important role since only these aspects represent a valuable opportunity to ’dissolve’ the above-mentioned awful aspect pattern. This may be, in the first place, the Saturn, pointing out the importance of the control and calm that we can draw from our past or traditions (Sagittarius Saturn).
The last Full Moon with such a ’cardinal’ Grand Cross – /Moon:CAN/ square /Uranus:ARI/ square /Sun:CAP/ square /Jupiter:LIB/ – has happened a long time ago, on January 17th, 1851. At the ’collective level’, i.e. within the context of the Mundane Astrology, it can be linked with the first hostilities of the ’Taiping Rebellion’– that was, strictly speaking, a civil war – in China. As well-known, China is said to be under the rulership of the tropical ’Libra’ (and sometimes tropical ’Cancer’ sign too).
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