Monday, January 23, 2017

4.4R in Chile <---Spot on Prediction

On a day where we only saw two5R events this is considered strong. :). A 4.4R in Chile was reported this afternoon. What is worthwhile for us was the spot on prediction of the coordinates of the epicenter. Our prediction was....Chile (19S, 70.5W)

mb 4.4
Date time2017-01-23 14:58:05.3 UTC
Location18.41 S ; 69.36 W
Depth132 km
Distances247 km SW of La Paz, Bolivia, Plurinational State of / pop: 813,000 / local time: 10:58:05.3 2017-01-23
100 km E of Arica, Chile / pop: 186,000 / local time: 11:58:05.3 2017-01-23
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