Friday, December 2, 2016

6.2R in Peru!

This very strong 6.1R came in late last night in Peru.
The huge tremor struck the south of the country, close to Lake Titicaca, at 5.40pm local time – 10.40pm GMT – on Thursday.
The quake's epicenter was located 28 miles northwest of the town of Juliaca and was relatively shallow at 19.9 miles below the Earth's surface.
Shallow earthquakes usually feel stronger – and are more likely to cause damage.
Recent earthquakes in the area have caused landslides
The earthquake damaged some homes and roads but causing no casualties, the National Civil Defense Institute (INDECI) said. The quake in the Puno region hit at 5:40 pm local time (2240 GMT), its epicenter 58 kilometers from the town of Lampa and at a depth of 30 kilometers, according to the Geophysical Institute of Peru (IGP). “Eight collapsed homes are reported in Lampa and 40 affected in the Paratia district. People are located in safe areas,” INDECI said on Twitter, adding that communication with the area had been disrupted. Minutes earlier, IGP head Hernando Tavera reported that “the population was scared and took to the streets” in Lampa, which has 15,000 residents.
The tremor lasted about 30 seconds and was also felt in the nearby city of Puno, located in the Andes mountains more than 3,800 meters above sea level. Both Lampa and Puno are close to Lake Titicaca on the Bolivian border.
Peru lies on the so-called “Ring of Fire” — an arc of fault lines that circles the Pacific Basin and is prone to frequent earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. The South American country records about 200 earthquakes a year, most of them unnoticed by the public.
The last deadly earthquake in Peru struck in August, when a magnitude 5.3 quake hit the country’s south at a shallow depth of eight kilometers below the surface. Four people died, including a US tourist. The last major quake struck in August 2007, killing 595 people.

We dont do Peru predictions but globally we were expecting it, as we can check from the monthly GLOBAL calendar, where is the dates we expect >6R events.


Mw 6.2
Date time2016-12-01 22:40:29.8 UTC
Location15.28 S ; 70.70 W
Depth40 km
Distances305 km NW of La Paz, Bolivia, Plurinational State of / pop: 813,000 / local time: 18:40:29.8 2016-12-01
94 km NW of Puno, Peru / pop: 117,000 / local time: 17:40:29.8 2016-12-01
37 km W of Lampa, Peru / pop: 4,800 / local time: 17:40:29.8 2016-12-01
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