Thursday, November 10, 2016

A blot on the Landscape! Ionospheric stress over Nepal!

This morning we have had a nice negative TEC Rate swing over Nepal, China, India as we can see from the Satelitte image below.

and this was repeated later at 10:15 UT

And later (edited) at 16:00UT ) as you can see below the stress was reversed completing the cycle.

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  1. What does this mean in simple terms? Do we need to worry about it?

  2. Hi Siraj, I hope you are well. Ionospheric effects such as TEC is ONE indicator, and this one is positive, BUT alone it is not reliable I find. When combined with other effects then it becomes more worrying. In Nepal yesterday I was expecting an event but did not come. Reason was Mexico. Mexico got the blunt of it. Anyway danger is not over yet, but this stress due to the TEC is extra, to appear in a few days. Lets hope not.