Thursday, October 20, 2016

The Bay Area Cloud Experience Stronger Earthquakes

Researchers warn that the Bay Area could experience stronger earthquakes from now on. Their statement is based on a recent discovery, namely on the connection of two fault lines near the San Francisco Bay. A new study accounts for the findings, and the scientist’s conclusion is that earthquakes will score a higher magnitude in the future than residents were used to.
A new study from researchers suggests that there might be a connection between two fault lines located in the East of the Californian Bay. If they are actually connected, scientists estimate that the risk and intensification of future earthquakes are significant. They believe that there are seventy-two percent chances that a massive quake should hit the Bay Area.
According to the researchers’ estimations, a huge earthquake could hit the region withing the next thirty years. They also believe that it could exceed six degrees of magnitude. They tend to associate it with the great earthquake which occurred in Southern California twenty-two years ago. The quake in 1994 made sixty victims and damaged thousands and thousands of homes and households.
Scientists focused on two fault lines for their new study, namely the Hayward fault, and the Rodgers Creek fault. They are both part of the large San Andreas system. They seem to get connected to the Bay Area, as the researchers’ study suggest.
Specialists explain that earthquakes follow the path of fault lines. This is why it is dangerous for fault lines to come together. Tectonic activities can trigger damaging phenomena on their own, but when they come together, is even worse.
The new research is based on underground images of fault lines. Experts have also analyzed the ground’s composition, the chemical features, and the mineral level. However, they explain that earthquakes don’t usually follow the path of a fault line from the beginning to its end because there are other obstacles which intervene in their way.
Previous research also shows that the Hayward fault can connect to the Calaveras fault. This means that the first one is extending further towards the south. The new study suggests that there is an increased risk of intensified earthquakes towards the East of the region.
Statistics show that there are at least seven million people living in the Bay Area. Scientists explain that they should be prepared for high magnitude earthquakes occurring within the next thirty years.
The new study was published in Science Advances.
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