Sunday, October 30, 2016

Italy PM vows to rebuild quake-damaged buildings

ROME (AP) - Prime Minister Matteo Renzi has vowed that Italy will rebuild the homes, churches and other structures destroyed in the country's latest earthquake.
Renzi spoke Sunday hours after central Italy was struck by an earthquake with an initial magnitude of 6.6, which followed a deadly quake on August 24 and powerful aftershocks on Wednesday that left thousands homeless.
He said the financial resources will be found to restore essential elements of the national identity.
Among the structures that have been lost are churches, bell towers and other examples of Italy's cultural heritage.
Sunday's quake damaged historic churches in the town of Norcia, including the 14th century St. Benedict cathedral in one of the city's main piazza.
Renzi said at a news conference: "We will rebuild everything - the houses, the churches, the shops. We are dealing (with) marvelous territories, territories of beauty."
Renzi says so far there appears to be no loss of human life from the strong earthquake.
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