Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Which Countries Tomorrow 14th September 2016?

Tomorrow 14th September 2016, is similarly planetary wise to today, with Saturn square Neptune, South Node trine Black Moon, Sun-Mercury conjunction square Mars. Those should determine tomorrows events.
However using our Fibonacci Methods we can extract and see from the countries we are following which ones are suspect. See the September Bulletin for details.
The vulnerable countries from our lists are:
  • France
  • Fiji is possible.
  • Oklahoma opens the window so the possibility increases tomorrow.
  • Philippines: Similarly if we see activity there it would be a day off the peak, so we see the window opening tomorrow.
  • Japan: It would be a day early if we see activity tomorrow, as the window opens tomorrow.
  • Vanuatu possible although we saw a small event today.
  • Bangladesh possible but I am not sure likely.
  • Ecuador We saw today some activity and the window is still open.
  • Greece. We saw today activity but window closes tomorrow.

Be Safe Be Good!
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