Monday, September 12, 2016

Travel and Communicate Carefully Today

Today 12th September 2016,  we have a couple of prominent events on the skies: The first and most important is that Mercury being retrograde already, is very nearly conjunct the Sun, but combined are square Mars! One must be careful to be calm today and also make extra effort not to overdo your travel and communications as this combination can lead to accidents one may regret. So be careful today how you talk, travel wise, and generally patience or things can errupt.
The other aspect we are still under the influence of is Saturn Square Neptune. This has been hard globally and still continues to affect us.  This square indicates inner tensions and frustrations, and it is likely that Neptune will be inhibited from true realisation and will be bound within the unconscious mind by the barrier-forming restrictions of Saturn. This will cause Neptune to be agitatory, stimulating unconscious fears, anxieties, phobias, morbidity and guilt feelings arising from an overactive imagination which lacks suitable channels for a more healthy release. The consequences of this inner pressure and disquiet tend to create feelings of inadequacy, incompetence and inferiority. These may be quite illusory and unrealistic, so bear in mind this eventually will pass.
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