Friday, September 23, 2016

Planets Tomorrow!

Tomorrow we have 24th September 2016, and the planets are located in the skies as illustrated in the figure above. We have as an overlay the planets and also the calculated solar wind velocity from the sun. This spirally radiated color wheel is also indicating the magnetic field (approx) from the sun, which is influencing the planetary field. The planetary alignments are drawn in the figure, and we may add the square between Saturn and Neptune, and the opposition of Moon and Pluto not shown here. Moon is appprox. 90 degrees to Uranus tomorrow. So the Uranus is at Moons elongation according to the nonmenclature. What is different tomorrow from today or yesterday is first of all the Earth is being compressed insted of being pulled today and yesterday from the aspect Mercury Earth Neptune. We have a -+- situation. So suddenly here we have opposite compressive stress on earth, a bit worrying for earthquakes. Also Uranus is now pushing the earth and Jupiter and Venus pulling. SO we have a reversal tomorrow. We wait and see but we should get strong events due to compressive stresses.

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