Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Earthquake strikes Los Angeles moments after Brangelina breakup news

brangelina earth quakeAs the tragic news of Brangelina’s split ripped through La La Land Tuesday morning, so did an earthquake. Los Angeles felt the earth shake as a 3.1 quake hit near Gardena, a city about 15 miles south of Los Angeles, SF Gate reports.
As BuzzFeed weather reporter Jon Passantino points out, the timing of the quake was rather astonishing. While the quake was only a minor one with no reports of injury, the same cannot be said for Angelina Jolie’s reported divorce filing from Brad Pitt, which is breaking hearts, sucking out souls, angering gods, and proving that love is indeed dead and attempts at marriage futile.
Along with the lifestyle differences (Pitt was reportedly partying too much and wanted to remain steeped in Hollywood while Jolie was more interested in humanitarian work), Pitt is rumored to have cheated on Goddess Jolie with his recent costar, Marion Cotillard.
The gods have spoken — bad move, Pitt.

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